January 22, 2012

Ahhhh Sundays...

Sundays....ahhh... there's just something about them that I love. Sleeping late, not being rushed, and catching up on things I didn't get to earlier in the week. So relaxing! I have officially named Sunday my favorite day of the week!
This Sunday consisted of a quick trip to the grocery store, lunch at my favorite local bagel shop, and homemade tortilla soup. Yum! I also organized my refrigerator... which was much needed. I finished all my school assignments earlier in the week, so I started on the 10th Pretty Little Liars book "Ruthless". So far it's AH-MA-ZING! I probably shouldn't of started it during the semester because it's very very hard to put down. If any of you haven't read the books yet I highly advise you to do so. They are wonderful and the show does not compare! Tonight I'm relaxing with Melvin and watching Grand Torino, one of favorite movies.


Ahhh clean!

Chicken Tortilla Soup


Sorry I have been slow to post lately. I've been crazy busy with school! I promise to be back to my usually blogging self this week!!

xo, Emily


  1. I'm SO laughing at your fridge! That used to be ME! And my pantry was almost as pretty. And now look at me. Even worse since you LEFT me. (Only hoping to guilt you into coming back!) ;)

  2. And forgot to mention this in my last comment, does Melvin drink the Elmo juice boxes?! Or is that a signal that you want the kids coming THERE rather than you coming here?!!!! Kidding, of course. Well, only kind of.