April 28, 2012

Closet to Office Makeover...

Since Jacob and I have lived in the house we are currently renting, we have always had a dilemma with this over sized closet located smack dab in the middle of our living room. Whoever designed this house really should of thought out this closet... I mean none of the other closets in the house even come close to the size of this one.... The majority of the time I'm usually working on homework via the couch, which results in my coffee table being constantly full of textbooks and laptops. After running across super cute "closets turned to offices" on Pinterest, I decided that my oversized closet would make a perfect little workspace. I spent under $40 on the project and it took me less than a day to finish. Check out all the details! 

Desk- (already had)
Chair- Ikea $10
Curtain-(Fabric $7, Rod $3)
Magazine Rack- Target $5
Cork Board- Goodwill $3
Chevron Desk Storage- Target $7
Lamp- Target (already had)
Clock- Urban Outfitters (already had)
Magnetic Board- Breaker Box!! (Came with house!!)

I freed up some desk space by placing the printer I had under the curtain. The only electrical outlet I have was on the outside of the closet so I had to run cords to be able to plug everything up. Excuse the messy cord mess! The basket in the corner holds our blankets, pillows, ect. 

This little space is definitely handy! The best part is I can shut the door and hit it away when guest are over. 

No more messy coffee table!! 

Hope you enjoyed my latest organizing project! 


  1. What you have just shared with us could be the answer to all the prayers of those who are struggling with small office space. Thank you!

  2. What you did there was magic! :) Great work in maximising the space in your home office.Thank you for posting your ideas.

  3. Turning your oversized closed into a little workspace is a brilliant idea and costs a little amount of money too. Good job on your project!