December 28, 2012

2 Month Favorites...

Here are my favorite must have items going into the second month.

Baby Magic- Best smelling baby wash ever! Asher smells good for days! 

Baby Jogger City Micro Stroller- I found that purchasing a stroller was seriously like buying a car. I wanted something that was a good jogging stroller as well as a car stroller and this stroller is AMAZING! The reviews on it were great and I was so glad I bought it! Also I found it at Target for $100.00 off the retail price... The box had been opened so this stroller was a steal! 

Vision Stimulating Books- Asher loves these! I also downloaded an app for my phone that plays black and white pictures as well and he loves it! 

Fisher Price Swing- We have the Snugamonkey (similar to the one pictured) and without this swing I wouldn't get much done. Asher loves to swing and loves the little monkeys at the top that spin while he swings! 

Sock Ons- Best invention EVER! These little nifty things slide over your baby's socks and prevent them from falling off. They come in a wide variety of colors and I have yet to lose a sock.

Baby Bath Tub- A must! Make baths SO SO SO much easier!

Long Sleeved Onesies- Great for the winter months under clothes and great to hang around the house in! 

I will have Asher's 2 month photos up this weekend as well! 

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