January 19, 2013

Small Business Saturday...Knitting Nannies!!

Today I'm featuring an adorable little business called Knitting Nannies. I contacted them before Asher was born hoping they could make a few customized hats and they exceeded my expectations! The hats were absolutely adorable and very well crafted! Read a little about Knitting Nannies and be sure to enter the giveaway on their Facebook page!

Photo By: Kasey Wheat Photography


Knitting Nannies is made up of Amanda Duke and Mary Beth Wood. They stumbled across each others paths through nannying for the same family and became fast friends over knitting and coffee.

Amanda nannies a beautiful curly headed almost two year old. She is a student pursuing a Business Degree. Crocheting and Knitting are definitely her means for expressing her creative side. She loves making new items and it is such a complement when someone loves one of her creations!

Mary Beth is a stay at home wife and momma to a smiley blond two year old named Jude. Her whole life she has painted, sewn, crafted, drawn, crochetted and knitted, but knitting and crochet have become her main creative outlets in the last few years! Though she has a degree in Sociology, her desire is to continue to stay home with her children, and Knitting Nannies financially helps keep that dream alive!

Up for grabs today is an adorable cupcake hat... perfect for Valentine's day!

To enter the Giveaway:
Head on over to the Knitting Nannies Facebook page and follow their steps to enter! 

Don't forget to "like" their page while you are there! 

Hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday! 

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