February 27, 2013

A Few Things I learned While I was Pregnant...

Note: I ate an insane amount of cottage cheese while I was pregnant.. Im sure the people at Publix thought I was nuts! haha! 

Now that I am four months postpartum, I feel like I can finally share a few things I learned while I was pregnant with you... 
  • Stretch mark cream really does work... or it did for me. If you are worried about your skin stretching during pregnancy, research a good cream and apply it a couple times a day. I used a cream by Mustela and I'm glad I did.
  • Eat good... The days I ate good and didn't go off on some crazy prego junk food eating craze, were the days I felt the best. When I would eat yucky food I would pay for it later.
  • Exercise... You would be surprised the amount of exercising you can do while pregnant. I also recommend taking a pregnancy specified exercise class. I took a prenatal yoga class and it was AMAZING! 
  • Don't spurge on maternity clothes. You can make due with a lot of non-pregnant clothing items. Maternity clothes can be expensive and make you look frumpy (however there are is some cute stuff out there! Asos has adorable things!). Also don't be afraid to show off your baby bump! 
  • Morning sickness can last past 20 weeks. I was sick until about 31 weeks. Luckily Zofran made me a new person and able to get through the day without getting sick. Don't let morning sickness go... Be sure to tell your doctor about your symptoms. 
  • Give breastfeeding a try... I was pretty set on BF and determined to do it. Looking back I'm so glad I did. Asher is 17 weeks old and I'm still going strong! Research the perks to BF and take a few classes on it. I attended a few BF support groups and learned so much!
  • Get you husband/partner as involved as possible during your pregnancy. Jacob was deployed from the time I was 8 weeks pregnant and returned around 32 weeks. I really missed having him attend doctors appointments and ultrasounds. 
  • Create your dream nursery... A friend of mine stressed the importance of this to me and I'm so glad I created a great space for Asher. Every time I am in his room I smile. I feel like it is our little happy place in the house! 
  • Put some serious thought into your registry. Register for items you will need throughout the first year and not just for a newborn. Trust me you will be glad you did!
  • Sleep!!!!!! Enjoy it while you can and rest your body for the sleepless nights you have coming.
  • Listen to your friends... Everyones pregnancy is different, but listen to the advice and tips your friends give you throughout your pregnancy. My friend Jordan was great help! I asked that poor girl some of the most random/probably should of kept to myself questions... haha! She didn't mind and gave me peace of mind!  
  • Try not to worry... Between pregnancy books and Web MD you will worry yourself to death about your pregnancy.. Instead follow Mom Blogs... They are much more helpful and interesting. 
  • Lastly ENJOY YOUR PREGNANCY. I would have never thought I would say this 5 months ago, but looking back it all went so quickly! I wish I would have taken more pictures of myself and documented more things. So enjoy it! 

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  1. Very good advice! I couldn't agree more! :)