October 8, 2013

DIY Baby Galaxy Leggings...

After seeing a few pair of these adorable galaxy leggings online, I thought I would try to make them... They ended up being extremely easy to make and so affordable! Here's the how to! 

What You Will Need:
Spray Bottle


First prep the area where you plan to make the leggings. Remember you are working with bleach! I laid down a trash bag and placed the leggings on top of it. 

Next you will want to start applying the bleach with your spray bottle... I lightly applied the bleach in areas where I wanted the leggings light, then applied more bleach where I wanted the leggings darker. 

Lastly I reapplied the bleach in the desired areas, washed the leggings, then hung them to dry.

Finished Product

Tee: Hey There Mama, Moccs: Freshly Picked
Im pretty pleased with the results! Asher will be getting lots of wear out of these! Super easy and affordable to make! 

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