January 22, 2014

15 Month Favorites...

Asher hit 15 months last week and is growing like a weed! He's vocab has significantly increased just these past few weeks and boy is he a handful! Never a dull moment! 
Here are our 15 month favorites!

1. Camilia Teething Relief // Asher's been cutting his first set of molars and this has been our go to! Works wonders and relieves Asher...
2. Munchkin Traveling Flash Cards // Why I didn't buy these sooner, I have no idea.. They are perfect! Letters, animals, numbers, colors, and shapes! 
3. BE Little You and Me Teepee // Asher got a yellow one for his Birthday and the child spends hours in this teepee... Well made and durable! 
4. B. Soft Cars // These cars wind up and are so fun to play with. Asher will play for hours with these little cars! They are super cute colors as well!
5. Vans // These are great little tennis shoes for chubby feet! 
6. Sound Books // These books are so fun and perfect for learning animal sounds. 

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