January 2, 2014


2013 was quite the year for our little family.. I finished school, Asher had his first birthday, we did a cross country move, and we learned a lot of things about ourselves and what we want in 2014... With that being said, here are a few goals I WILL achieve in 2014!

I will make 2014 count by...

- Blogging more.. And I truly mean that! 2013 was a fabulous year for my little blog and I am determined to make 2014 even more fab! This blog is my heart and I love sharing it with you.
- Slowing down and soaking up "the now"... I am always in a fizz, rushing around, worrying about the house not being clean, laundry, ect... This year I need to just relax... Those things can wait.
- Getting better at answering emails in a timely manner... that will start today!
- Getting out of my "mom uniform" and actually wear a nice pair of jeans at least twice a week... I will also take better care in dressing myself.. We all know how stylish Asher is ;)... but if you seen me most days you would might wonder what I was thinking ....
- Doing more family activities...
- Setting a fitness routine... even if it is something small.
- And lastly watching my caffeine intake... Sigh... As much as I love a cold Coke, I need to limit my weekly intake..

What are some of you New Years Resolutions/Goals?

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