August 23, 2012

31 Weeks!

31 weeks!! Almost 8 months!! Where did time go?!?
This week I am 31 weeks prego and boy am I feeling it! I find myself rolling to the side of the bed these mornings just to get up. I've finally broke down and bought a few maternity clothing pieces an they are so comfy. I'm thinking I should have invested in them a long time ago! 
How far along? 31 weeks
Weight gain? starting: 112lbs current: 124lbs (up 12lbs)
Maternity clothes? Yes! I have finally threw in the towel and purchased a few pieces... They are super comfy too!
Stretch marks? Not yet still moisturizing like crazy!!
Sleep? Ughhhhh! 
Best moment this week? Seeing my summer school grades posted! I did super good! 
Miss anything? Jacob.. He should be here soon!! Thank goodness!
Movement? Yes! This child loves to stick his feet into my ribs! 
Food cravings? Salads, but I want them like really really cold... weird.... 
Anything making you queasy or sick? No 
Gender? A boy! 
Labor signs? No
Symptoms: The good ole being nauseated hits me from time to time still and I have heartburn out of this world! Tums aren't cutting it anymore so I will be heading to the store today to get something a bit more powerful! 

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  1. Ur such a pretty prego girl I wish I looked like that when I was prego lol..