February 4, 2013

Sleeping "Boo"ty...and a Printable

Lately we've been trying to get Boo on a good schedule and it's been a disaster. As soon as he falls asleep for the night about 30 minutes later he is back up until about 10p.m.. We have no idea why he keeps doing this, but I will say he is sleeping better through the night, getting up only once to eat. Seems like I thought those days would never come and now looking back I miss them... Time flies by so quickly... When he naps I usually will lay by him and just soak up the moment... I think about his future and who he will become someday. Writing this post right now makes me want to cry... The love a mother can have for her child is unlike any other....

Okay okay... enough with the mushy squshy stuff... Here is a free printable! 
download (HERE)

Also if any of you mamas have some sleeping tips I would love to hear them!


  1. What a little sweetie! Little boys are too much. My little guy was doing the same thing. For the life of me, he would NOT stay asleep for the night until 10 pm! I started waking him early when the rest of the family did and that did the trick! He goes down at 7-7:30 :) I wake him up at 7 AM. It's tough some mornings but I have to be up anyways. And it's worth it once night time comes. And he finally fell into a better routine this month. He'll be 3 months on the 9th :)
    I am a book reader and love Baby Whisperer. Read that with #1 (he's #4!!) and it was a lot of help!
    Love your blog, glad I found it!

  2. This picture is DARLING. Your little guy is so handsome. As for tips - just enjoy it girl. My P didn't get on a sleep schedule until about 5 months old. As long as he's getting in his naps during the day I would just go with the flow. And you keep soaking in every minute girl - they go too fast!

  3. Lyssa, I bought the book for my Ipad and OMG amazing!! I've been doing the EASY steps and so far so good!! Thank so much for the advice!

    Chelsea, thank you!!! I find its easier when he takes a few naps during the day instead of one long one in the afternoon. Im still breast feeding too so I think maybe its harder to train breastfed babies so sleep. And omg I know I can't believe he will already be 4 months next week!! I wanna cry!!!! wahhhh!!!!


  4. omg! another cute baby pic! and this Printable is adorable, will definitely look cute in my son's room :)