April 18, 2013


So I've been meaning to write this post for some time now and just couldn't get the words together to write it nor did I feel like I was quite experienced enough... But today since Asher is now 6 months old (and I hit one of my breastfeeding goals) I feel like I can finally express my feelings on breastfeeding. 

First off breastfeeding is unlike anything I imagined it would be. When I was in the hospital Asher would not latch on properly... My milk came in probably less than 24 hours after I delivered and I was so engorged that the poor kid couldn't latch very well. Prior to delivery a few friends of mine had told me that they had latching issues and used a little device called a nipple shield that did wonders. I packed some in my hospital bag for a just in case basis and also because the hospital did not provide them. After working and trying and working to get Asher to latch, I just wasn't having any luck and he was becoming very hungry at this point. I had told my nurse that I had packed them and she suggested that we give them a try... and voilĂ ! Asher latched on like a pro and I used that shield until he was almost three months old. 
The downside to having to use a shield is that the device is clear and easy to lose. I can't tell you how many times I misplaced that stupid thing. The other bad thing about a shield is that you are forever washing and sanitizing it and it's a pain when you leave the house without it. The days I forgot my shield at the house were not fun days. When Asher was around three months old I finally decided it was time to break him of the shield... One day I just happen to try to nurse him without it and what-do-ya-know.... It was like he never needed to use it in the first place. Since then we have been shield free!
One of the main reason I chose to breastfeed was because it is extremely affordable and 100% organic. I mean the only expenses you really have are a pump, bottles, milk bags (if you decided to pump), lanolin cream, nursings bras, and breast pads. One thing I realized that no one really warned me about was how much work breastfeeding really is. If I don't eat 1500+ calories a day or drink enough fluids, I notice a drop in my supply and sometimes Im so busy throughout the day I will completely forget a meal or forget to drink enough water. I had to make a schedule for myself so I could make sure I was getting the proper amount of food and fluids that I needed throughout the day. A breastfed baby usually wants to eat every 2-3 hours as well. When Asher was 4 months old he finally started stretching his feedings (4-5hours) so I am now able to do a little more throughout the day.

Photo by: Kristi James Photography 

Breastfeeding Tips:

  • Breastfeeding is not for everyone, but I think any new mom should at least give it a shot.
  • Every mama/baby is different. Try not to compare yourself or your baby to other mamas or babies.
  • If you are comfortable with pumping, pump a bottle here and there to let your husband/significant other join in. 
  • Just because you baby is breastfed doesn't mean they will be a chubby baby... People tell me all the time Asher is small for being a breastfed baby. Every baby is proportioned differently and as long as your baby is gaining the appropriate amount of weight, your baby is fine. 
  • Don't be ashamed if you have to use a shield! I had to stop reading a few breastfeeding pages on Facebook because they made me feel terrible about having to use a shield. I never had a problem with them hurting my supply as well.
  • Nursing bras are a MUST! 
  • If you really want to breastfeed set goals for yourself! The first 3 months were the hardest for me, but after that it's really been a breeze! 

What are some tips you have for breastfeeding? Im still learning so I would love to hear them! My next goal is a year!

Hope everyone is having a Happy Thursday!
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  1. Very nicely put. I love the new blog look. And having gorgeous pics of my grandson add to the beauty of the page. love ya

  2. LOVE this. My first could not latch at all! I had to pump but then a lactation consultant showed me the little miracle of the shield. I bought one for this baby and am packing it in my hospital bag!!

  3. Thanks for the tip on the shield. We are expecting our first in July and I am extremely nervous about breastfeeding just bc you hear how tough it is but determined to be patient with it!!

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  5. Love it! I'll for sure be going the BF route as long as everything goes according to plan... even if it doesn't -- I'm still trying my face off at this! haha =) What nursing bra do you use?

  6. I had a very very similar story with my first! The shield was awesome is the fact that I could continue to breastfeed, but it was such a pain if you forgot it when you went shopping or just out and about. After 3 months she finally stopped using the sheild and I enjoyed BF so much more!
    My second latched on right away, and I enjoyed BF so much I never gave her a bottle- Sony recommend that because getting her to a bottle was a horrible experience.

    I couldn't agree more with all your tips tho! Way to make it to your 6 month goal! That's how long I BF both my girls and hope to make it that long with my 3rd

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