April 22, 2013

Cloth Diapering...

Happy Earth Day Friends!!

I figured today would be the perfect day to express my thoughts on cloth diapering. We started cloth diapering a few weeks ago. After talking to a few of my friends who are cloth diaper pros, I figured I would give it a try. Also Asher kept getting this nasty diaper rash (I buy sensitive diapers too) so I figured maybe they would help. 
I bought 6 Alva brand pocket diapers to start off with from a Facebook diaper selling group. The diapers I bought were brand new, came with 1 microfiber insert, and cost around $5 a diaper. I read great reviews on cloth diaper brands like Bumgenius and G Diaper, but my friend suggested that before I spend $20 a diaper I get these to see if cloth diapering was for me first. With the diapers and inserts I also bought 6 more bamboo inserts (they absorb better than a microfiber insert) at $2.00 an insert. I figured I could cloth diaper throughout the day and still disposable diaper at night just until I figured out how many inserts I needed to use through the night to prevent Asher from leaking out. 
So far I am very pleased with cloth diapering. Within the first day I noticed Asher's diaper rash starting to disappear... by day 2 it was gone. I was also super pleased with how absorbent these diapers were. I changed Asher about every 2-3 hours depending on how wet he was and was very surprised to find the diapers very dry when I pulled them off of him. When I pulled the inserts out and felt them they were damp so I knew he was peeing. My favorite thing about the diapers is how stinking cute they look on Asher! His fluffy little bottom in these makes me melt!
My worst fear before starting cloth diapering was dealing with the poo. I don't have a diaper sprayer or disposable liners so when Asher pooped in them the other day I was a little hesitant to open the diaper. Once I did it wasn't bad at all and the poo literally just fell off the diaper into the toilet... (I feel gross telling you guys this haha) I plan to order more diapers this week. Im so pleased with them and wish I would have started sooner!

Here are a few reasons why I decided to give cloth diapering a try!
  • It's friendly on my wallet! We spend a little over $50 a month on diapers (with coupons and rebates!). Say Asher was in diapers for 2.5 years that would be a total of $1500.00 we would spend on diapers. I don't cloth diaper at the sitters so if I can just cut that down a little bit on disposable diaper expenses I will be happy! 
  • It's eco friendly!
  • They are adorable on!
  • They help with little boo's diaper rash!
I hope you all enjoyed my little CD post! Im still new to the whole thing and still learning. Do you cloth diaper? Any tips I should know? 


  1. I'm so glad the cloth diapers took care of Asher's diaper rash! As you know, I used cloth diapers on Asher's uncle Jackie and was very satisfied with the results.
    Keep up the great job you are doing with my grandson and son. You are an amazing mother and wife (and a wonderful daughter-in-law).
    Love you all,
    Momma C

  2. BTW...you are absolutely right. He does look adorable...but then, he ALWAYS does!
    Love you,
    Momma C

  3. I cloth diapered my little one too. We've potty trained now, so I sold my entire stash. It was a little sad, but that's how it goes. Have you heard of rockin' green? It's a detergent that's commonly suggested for cloth diapering wash because it's effective at getting the stink out, which is a common problem when your little one begins solids. Anyway, just thought I'd mention it. :) I only learned about it at the tail end of our cloth diapering and only wish I had learned about it sooner!

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