September 25, 2013

11 Month Favorites....

11 months! Where has time gone! Next month I will be sharing a big ole favorite post wrap up with you... I seriously can't believe my sweet boy is almost a year old.. Im tearing up just typing this! Ugh! Here are our favorite products from this past month...

1. Nestle Baby Hair Lotion - Perfect for babes with curls. Asher has pretty curly hair in the back, but you could never tell because they were usually a frizzy mess from him laying on them. This lotion makes them smooth and pretty!
2. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Music Table - I shopped around for our and was able to find it on a local yardsale site (brand new) for $10. This is great for littles who are standing. Asher will play at him music table for hours..
3. California Baby Bubble Bath - Bath time is probably our favorite time of day and this bubble bath from California Baby makes it even better... Smells fantastic and makes lots of bubbles!
4. Zoli Gummy Sticks - Asher has shown tons of interest in wanting to brush his teeth but of course he's too little for a toothbrush. These sticks from Zoli are perfect for cleaning gums and teeth and have a little stopper piece to keep babies from choking on it. Great for sore teeth and gums too! 
5. Fisher Price Learn to Scoop Spoons - We are working on our feeding ourself skills and these spoon are so fab! Small grooves in them which help with picking stuff up.. perfect for learning..
6. Divided Plates - great for self feeding as well...

What are some of your favorite items for an 11 month old?

Happy Wednesday!

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