October 28, 2013

Flu Favorites...

Not usually one of my normal favorite post, but I thought this would be helpful for my mamas and mamas to be out there... We have had our flu encounters a few times and this past time I was well prepared... Here are our favorite must have items for the flu! 

1. Baby Vapor Bath Wash - I've used a few different vapor bath brands and this one is by far my favorite... The menthol last longer than the others.
2. Cold Compress - I placed this on Asher head to give him some relief.. He didn't try to bite it or take it off so I think it helped! 
3. Basic Thermometer - I stay pretty basic when it comes to thermometers... I feel that I always get the most accurate reading from this style. 
4. Cool Mist Humidifier - Love this humidifier from Crane.. It's quite, doesn't make the carpet a wet mess, and works!
6. Saline Nose Spray - I give Asher a little saline when he's sick... Help to break up the think congestion..
7. Boogie Wipes - Saline coated wipes that leave your littles nose soft and rash free... much better for wiping than a baby wipe or kleenex... I keep Boogie Wipes on me at ALL times!
8. NoseFrida - I haven't used the NoseFrida but I have heard nothing but excellent reviews about it... I ordered a one so I can be extra prepared for next time!

What are some of your must have items for the icky flu? 

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