November 11, 2013

Budget Friendly Cowboy and Indian Birthday Party...

Last week I shared pictures from Asher's 1st Birthday Party... I planned the party on a budget and today I'm going to share with you how I did it. I spent under $35 on the party and I think it turned out pretty well! My main goal was to make as much of the decorations as I could and use items that I already had around the house... Here is the breakdown of the party and what I spent! 

PARTY TOTAL : $34.25
(this excludes food, cupcakes, and drinks) 

Table Cloth - the table cloth is mailing paper... It comes in a large roll and I purchased it at our local grocery store for $1.50... All I needed was one roll and I still have plenty left over. I fringed the bottom of the paper to give it more of a rustic/wilderness feel. 

Cowboy and Indian Figurines - I purchases these from Dollar General for $1 a bag... About 25 come in a bag. I used them for table decor and cupcake toppings.

Garland - All of the garland was made by me! I used 3 rolls of yarn at $2.50 a roll, 5 sheets of felt at .25 cents a sheet, and my trusty sewing machine that I already had on hand.
Asher's Felt Party Hat - Asher hat came from The Little Blue Olive and was $13...

Treat Bags - For the treat bags I took the same paper I used for the table cloth and sewn the edges shut... I loved the vintage touch of the sewn edges. Inside the party bags were Ring Pops ($1.00 for a bag of 4, I used 2 bags), fruit snacks $1.50 per box, and sour strips (8 for $1.00). I tied yarn that I had used for the garland around the treat bags for a finishing touch!

Cups / Plates / Snack Cups / Napkins - I hit the jackpot on tableware! I hit the trusty "dollar spot" at Target 2 days after Halloween and snatched all of these up for $3.50! Everything was .50 cents excluding the cups that were $1.00. So $3.50! Pretty good!

Flannel Table Runner - The flannel table runner came from left over fabric I had used for Asher's crib...

Straws - $2.50 + free shipping on eBay!

Thank You Tags (on party bags) - I printed the "Thank You" tags myself... The font I used for the tags was Line and Draw, you can download it HERE.
Washi Tape I already had you can find it on Etsy!

White Deer Head - This is from Target's holiday decor last season... I now use it for a ring holder in our bedroom... I thought it made for nice party decor as well!

Metal Drink Dispenser - Bought last year at Target on clearance. You may have also seen it used in Asher's Mustache Bash Baby Shower...

So what do you think? Have you planned a party on a budget? I plan to reuse some of the garland in Asher's room! 

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