December 3, 2013

Asher Worn... Eye of the Tiger

Today before daycare I snapped a few pictures of my sweet little guy and after I uploaded them to my computer, I realized that he is looking more and more like a little boy... (insert cry face) I seriously can't believe how big he is... Walking, talking, pointing to objects and saying "huh" (his version of "what's this). He also recently acquired this obsession for cars... Like little Hot Wheels cars (as you can see below).  I can seriously pull a car out in the store when he gets crabby and he is instantly happy! It's so funny! 
I could go on and on about this boy but I will get to the outfit post now... Asher is wearing a basic black beanie I purchased off eBay... It came from a retailer in China, but the quality is great and price is amazing... The shipping says 3-4 weeks, but I have placed 2 orders and received both of them in about ten days. His super awesome tiger tee is from an awesome little shop called Raine and Monet (you can find them on my sidebar). They make super awesome baby/children's apparel and it's affordable! Their tees are my favorite and totally unisex! My husband picked out the tee Asher is wearing below. The pants came from a little shop called Handmade is Haute... Handmade and well made! My husband calls these his "Hammer Time" pants haha! Shoes are our favorite... Freshly Picked! 

Also for those who do not know it yet... I will be temp blogging for Cotton Babies! I am beyond thrilled for this opportunity and will be sharing my first upcoming post with them soon! I am so blessed! 
beanie // tee // pant // shoes

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