February 20, 2014

Baby Closet Organizing...

Asher's closet has been a little out of hand since we moved. I've procrastinated for about seven months and over the holidays I finally decided to get busy and work on his closet. Since we are tight for space in this little house, I wanted to make the closet as organized and functional as possible. We had an extra shelf left over from Asher's previous room that needed to be put to use and my husband suggested that we use it as a shoe shelf in Asher's closet.... Genius! 
We kept the shelf at a height that Asher could reach. He loves to put his shoes on or at least try so I wanted to keep the shelf low for him. You can find these little shelves at Lowe's or Home Depot.  We keep a handful of toys upstairs as well, so I decided to store them under the shelf in a small bin. 
I keep the stuff that Asher can currently fit in on the left side of his closet and the bigger stuff on the right side.. This helps me get a sense of what he has and what he will need for later seasons. 
I have to store paper books in the top of the closet along with a few seasonal board books. Asher tears the paper out of the paper books so those are kept up high until he outgrows the paper tearing stage. I try to rotate his books as often as possible, that way he has a good variety and I don't get burned out reading the same ones over, and over, and over again.. Ha! 
Aside from storing books on the top shelf, I keep his humidifier, diapers, and wipes up there as well. I also like to color coordinate Asher's tops because I'm OCD like that! It looks so pretty!!
I store everything else in Asher's dresser. We have the Malm 6 drawer dresser from Ikea and love it! Its spacious, stylish, and priced well. I first used the top of the dresser as a changing table and when he outgrew it, I converted it to a dresser. You can see my changing table set up post HERE. 
I like to keep all of Asher's accessories in the top drawer and the rest of his stuff in the bottom drawers. 
His pants drawer is my fav.. I wish I could wear all of these amazing little pants! I keep them folded and sideways in the drawer so I can see what he has. I like to color coordinate them as well! 

I will be sharing Asher's updated space in the next few weeks on the blog! I hope you enjoyed our little closet tour! 

Have a great weekend! 

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