February 26, 2014

DIY All-Purpose Cleaner..

Recently I stopped using a majority of store bought cleaners around our house. They are full of harsh chemicals, didn't work well for my cleaning needs, and are expensive. I found this little cleaning recipe on Pinterest awhile back and tweaked it to my own liking. Now, this is my go to cleaner for everything! Kitchen, bathrooms, and even Asher's highchair and toys since it is safe to use.

What You Will Need:

1c. White Vinegar
2 tbs. Castile Soap - I like to use Dr. Bronner's... You can use this soap for SO many different things
8 Drops of Essential Oils: Any will do, but I like to use Lemon. It gives my cleaner that nice clean smell. Also if you are looking for a great place to purchase essentials oils, Use Pure Oils is the place to go! You can find their site HERE.
Spray Bottle - I just reuse the ones I already have on hand. 

Poor vinegar, castile soap, and essential oils into spray bottle.
Fill the rest of the bottle with warm water.
Place the cap back onto the spray bottle and shake well.
Test the spray out. You may want to add more essentials for your liking.
Label your bottle. 

What are some of your favorite homemade cleaners? I hope you all enjoy this one as much as I do!
I will be back Friday to share a fun little product post with you! You new mamas and mamas to be will LOVE!

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