April 25, 2014

Do it Yourself // Magnetic Board and Foam Shapes...

I'm sure you've seen the oil drip pan to magnetic board craze all over Pinterest and after pinning the idea numerous times I finally decided that it would be the perfect little addition to Asher's place space. These oil pans make such a perfect magnetic board and they are super inexpensive. I picked ours up at Autozone and it was less than $10. You can order them off Amazon, if you don't have a car parts store in town, but they are about 4x the cost. So I recommend finding an Autozone or car parts store to save some money. 
Magnetic Board:
Oil Drip Pan (You can find them at any Autozone for under $10)
Drywall Screws
Stud Finder
Before hanging your magnetic board you will want to clean it with some glass cleaner. The one I purchased had an oily film on it so I wiped it down before hanging. To hang ours I just used some basic drywall screws... nothing fancy, but serves the purpose. You can hang the board horizontally or vertically. Since Asher is short I wanted him to get maximum use out of the board, so I hung the board horizontally. 
Make sure the board is level and well secured to the wall to prevent any accidents with your little one! 

I made some easy foam magnets that you can make as well. I chose to do shapes and bright colors since Asher is currently learning his colors and shapes! 
Foam Shapes:
Sticky Foam Sheets (you can find them at any crafts store or walmart)
Magnetic Sheets
Shape Cutouts (I printed mine from Microsoft Word, you will use the insert shape feature, super easy!)

-First you will want to trace your cutout shapes onto the foam sheets with a pen or marker.
-Next cut the shapes out.
-Peel the sticky piece off the foam sheet and sick it to your magnetic sheets.
-Cut the shape out agin since it is now attached to you magnetic sheet.
-Make sure the magnetic backing is secure and stick to your magnetic board!

I hope you guys enjoyed this simple DIY. You can use any magnetic on the board, just make sure the are safe for your little one. Even if you don't have a toddler around these boards make for great wall pieces.. Use them as chore charts, menu planner, weekly planner, ect! 

Have a great weekend! 

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