July 15, 2014


I'm pretty sure when it comes to kids that I have the messiest eater around. Not a dinner goes by that I'm not wiping off the walls and mopping the floor. Since the day the child started solid foods he's been a messy eating machine. On a good note I will say he has a great appetite and will eat just about anything I offer him.

To solve our little messy eater problems I decided to whip up some sort of mat that would catch the little food morsels and make for an easy clean up. You may remember the DIY HIGHCHAIR MAT I made before and today I wanted to share with you a revamped version of the mat. This mat is super easy to make and will make dinner clean-ups 1000 times better.


1 yd. Oil Cloth Chalkboard Fabric - You can purchase the fabric HERE
Chalk or Chalk Marker
Rug Gripper/Pad


First lay your fabric down to see if you need to trim any off. I had to trim about 10 inches of of mine. 

After trimming set your rug pad underneath the fabric to prevent it from sliding around. 

Lastly set your highchair on the mat and doodle a little doodle. You can also remove the highchair and let your little one have a some chalkboard fun! 

TO CLEAN: Simply use a damp towel to wipe the mat off. Let mat air dry! 

Happy Wednesday! 



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