December 15, 2014


Next week will mark one month that we have been here in North Dakota. So far we are really loving it. The area we live in is a larger city but has such a small town feel to it. Everyone seems so nice and kind.  My husband, Jacob, is transitioning to his new job quite well and is really enjoying it... Each night he comes home and tells me how his day was and it's so nice to hear all about it and what he is learning.. My biggest fear about us getting out of the military was transitioning into civilian life. We were so used to everything being so by the books, and military like, that the transitioning phase totally terrified me... It's definitely been easier than I expected and I'm so thankful that we have started this new chapter. I do miss my friends so very much. The apartment complex we are currently living in is full of retirees. Jacob and I were just talking the other day that we are pretty sure we are the youngest family in this place.. And I have yet to see any kids other than our own.

Asher and I have been spending our days at home, running errands, and playing cars... lots and lots of car playing. We were both so used to me working a few days a week in California and him attending daycare (which he SO enjoyed) that us having lots of free time has been a challenge..  A good challenge! I'm trying like crazy to keep him entertained with lots of crafting, trips to the library, and since we can't go outside on most days, I occasionally let him run the halls of our apartment complex.. He enjoys it and it burns off a little energy. I was hoping to get him into a small preschool program here but the wait lists are INSANE. Last week I enrolled him into a few three year old classes and I hope he is able to get into one of them in the fall. Until then we are going to stay busy and enjoy our time together. I forgot how much I loved mid day baths, making forts under the coffee table, and taking naps with my little love bug. He makes my heart so full!

I'm so thankful for the smooth adjustment this move has been. I'm hoping in the late spring we are able to move into a real home and stay put for awhile. I'm so ready for house projects and all the fun things buying a home has to offer! You can keep up with our daily adventures by following me on Instagram or Facebook. I'm pretty active on there and am always gramming pictures of my handsome little bug!


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