November 18, 2011

10 Winter Coats Under $50.00...

Winter has definitely made its way here in the south! I haven't had to turn my heat on until this morning. When I woke up it was 62 degrees in my house!!Brrrr!!!! Then before I left the house to run errands, I opened my closet to grab a coat and realized all I had was light jackets and a huge puffy North Face coat which made me look like I was ready for a blizzard!! So now the time has come for me to invest in a new coat... I need something not too heavy and not too light! And since we live in the south and have like 2 months of winter...something affordable!! And stylish of course!! So here are 10 super cute winter coats under $50.00!!! 

Forever 21 Double Breasted Coat 
Available in hunter green and wine

Forever 21 Faux Fur Collar Coat 
Available in camel 

Forever 21 Wool-Blen Epaulet Coat 
Available in navy

Forever 21 Double-Breasted Fleece Coat
Available in mustard and chestnut

Forever 21 Double Breasted Belted Jacket 
Available in burgundy and teal

Forever 21 Shirred Puff Bomber 
Available in brown

Forever 21 Wool Blend Coat 
Available in teal and camel

Forever 21 Toggle Button Coat
Available in red

Forever 21 Peacoat w/ Leatherette Trim
Available in camel

Forever 21 Plaid Toggle Coat w/ Hood

I found all of these affordable and adorable coats at on the links will take you to each coat) Hope you enjoyed these fabulous finds!!
xo Emily 

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