November 13, 2011

Weekend Recap..

This weekend has been such a nice weekend! Hubs came home from a school he's been attending and we were able to spend the nice holiday weekend together! So sad it's already over! Now I'm ready for Thanksgiving to get here!! Here's a little recap of what I did this weekend...

Thursday was the 236th Marine Corps Ball! We were unable to go because of the hubs school... He's been in almost 5 years and we have yet to attend one! Crazy huh? Hopefully next year we will get to! Anyway a good friend of mine asked me to do her hair for the are some of the ideas she showed me....

via Pinterest

She wanted to go with the waterfall braid (which I love) but put an elegant touch on it! 

via Pinterest
Kind of like this one! 

via Pinterest

Tada! Here was the finished product.. I thought it turned out great! 

And she had this super cute bow that went really well with the dress she wore! 

On Friday (Veteran's Day) hubs and I did a little shopping and then came home and made some delicious homemade apple cider! 

Heres the cider! Those are cinnamon sticks inside! Yum!!

Saturday morning I made a delicious breakfast which you can find here! It was super easy to make and was oh so scrumptious!! 

I also made a super yummy potato and corn chowder which you can find here

Today hubs headed back to school and I have a wonderful Chemistry lab report calling my name...yay! Later in the week I will post my DIY curtains I made over the weekend as well!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Veteran's Day weekend!! 
xo Emily 


  1. Emily way cool with the breakfast thing so good looking so deff doing it I just got a bundt pan and love it .. here is one you should try.

  2. Mike that looks delicious!! The breakfast was very good!! Thanks for checking out my blog!!