December 26, 2011

Cleaning Out my Closet...

Today I decided it was time to organize and clean our closet in our bedroom. I needed to do it before I head back to school and I figured a fresh clean closet would start the New Year off nicely!!


My closet was very messy and unorganized. It's smaller too, so I needed something functional and well organized. Someday when we own our own home I will have a room made into a closet, but for now our good ole military base housing closets will have to due....sigh

The hubs side is very messy as well!!


I used a shelf purchased from Ikea (its part of there expedit collection). This broke the closet  up and gave me an area to display my jewelry, handbags, pants, and shoes. 

I purchased the white fabric bins from Walmart to keep my hats and swimming suits in. I placed my shoes on the very top shelf of the closet and in the bottom. 

I organized my clothes by dresses, shirts, and tanks. To make everything fit, I put my summer clothes away until next year. 

I took some of the pants I had on hangers and folded them. I figured this would give me a better idea of what I have available.

Jewelry display! You can find really neat and affordable jewelry displays at places like TJ Maxx! 

I hung my necklaces up on this cute little hook. 

The hubs side of the closet I color coordinated and organized by jackets, pants, and shirts. 

I placed Jacob's pj's and loungewear in a bin as well. 

Now I just hope that my closet will stay this organized! One of my New Year's resolutions is to be more organized!! What have you done on your holiday break? What are some of your New Year's resolutions?? 

Later this week I will have my top 10 New Year's Resolutions!! 
Stay tuned!!!

xo, Emily 

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  1. Good job! The bookshelf in there is a fabulous idea, it looks great!