April 9, 2012

Care Package Ideas...

This week I will be sending out a care package to my hubs and wanted to share with you some ideas that you can send in your care packages to deployed loved ones. I feel like care packages are a good way to stay connected and show our deployed loved ones some love! Care packages seem like an easy thing, but once you run out of hygiene and snack ideas it becomes a little tricky. I try to make each package I send a little piece of home. I always try and send extra items as well, so Jacob can share them with his fellow Marines. Here are some of the items I've sent in the past and some new ideas!!


Sunflower Seeds
Packaged Hummus (Yes they make it! And it's on the shelf... Not refrigerated)
Beef Jerky 
Pickled Veggies (Jacob and I love picking up local homemade pickled okra, pickles, and peppers from the local farmers market so I always try to send him a jar... I feel like it's a small piece of home. He also has access to a refrigerator to store them once opened so double check before sending anything that needs to be refrigerated.) 
Package Cheese- Not refrigerated (Babybel is a great brand)
Candy (I like to send fun stuff like candy cigarettes, Big Chew gum, jelly beans, ect.)
Chips (They might have access to them while deployed, but usually the taste is different from chips you buy in the U.S.)
Baked Goods (Just make sure to store them well for the journey across the world.)
Fruit Rollups
Milk (I like to send Jacob the Horizon milk boxes, you can find them usually in the baking isle. They are not refrigerated.)
Mini Tabasco Sauce/ Condiments 
Nutella Packets 
Girl Scout Cookies!
Easy Mac
Cup of Noodles
Energy Drinks (Package well)
Energy Bars
Soda (Package well)
Canned Tuna/Fish
Non-Carbonated Drinks (Gatorade, Propel, juice, ect)

 Tobacco Products:

I don't usually like to encourage any bad habits, but there is a local tobacco shop where we live and Jacob enjoys when I send him and his friends nice hand crafted cigars. 

Hygiene Products: 

Since they have access to most hygiene items while deployed I usually send brand name items that he uses at home, that they do not have available there. 

Dove Soap
Face Wash (I will usually stick a bar of Clinique Men's Face Soap in Jacob's package...high maintenance, I know) 
Body Wash
Baby Powder
Foot Powder
Electric Toothbrush and Refills
After Shave
Baby Wipes
Chap Stick

Leisure Items: 

Local Newspapers
Games (Board, Electronic, Card)
Deck of Cards
Whoopee Cushion (Silly... I know, but they seem to have fun with them)
CD's (I will usually burn Jacob a cd with the latest hits songs on it.)
Blank CD's
Hacky Sack
Squirt Gun
Nerf Balls/Balls
Packaged Poker Set
Dart Board w/ Darts

Bed Linens:

A nice pair of sheets is always a great package item. I sent a pair with Jacob when he left. (Twin Size)
Mattress Pad

Other Items:

Vitamins (Flintstones were in Jacobs first package)
Pictures- If you are like me I'm forever taking pictures on my phone, especially with Instagram...Here is a great site I found to print off my Instagram pictures: http://printstagr.am/
Handwritten Letters (always a nice little touch!) 
Gym Shorts
Extra shirts to wear under uniforms
Dryer Sheets 
Flip Flops (Shower Shoes) 
Disposable Camera 
Protein Mix

Great places to find care package items:

Walmart/Publix/Grocery Stores
World Market (If you have one close by, they have lots of great small package items. I had good luck finding small packets of Nutella, hot sauce, and other items here.) 
Trader Joes
Dollar Tree

Great websites/blogs for care package ideas:


Note: I usually always send USPS Large Flat Rate Priority. The boxes are free and you get a discount for sending them APO addresses. If it fits it ships!! They usually cost a little over $13 a box. 

If you have any ideas or items that you have sent in the past please feel free to comment and let me know! I'm always looking for fun new items to send! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and gathered some ideas for your packages! 


  1. This is so very cute! Every military spouse should read your blog.

    Also - a recommended book, when I had a very close friend deployed I sent him a copy of Marcus Aurelius' book - Meditations. It's a personal favorite, and he absolutely loved it. It's just kind of peaceful, I'm not sure that Jacob would be interested, but you should check it out and see. :)

  2. Great list girly!!!! Love it!

    I was told that some of the units have a room [or corner? lol] of free personal care items and snacks too! My husband has gotten all his soaps, shampoos, shaving creams as well as jerky and protein bars for free there -- so have your man ask around! <3 I save the money I would have spent on that stuff and use it to spoil them with other goodies =)

  3. Krysten I will have to check that out! Jenn thank you!! I will have Jacob check it out!! I made a pit stop at trader joes and the market downtown Charleston today and bought him lots of goodies!! Im excited for him to get them!! Thank you for the advice I'm gonna email Jacob now and tell him!! Thanks girl!

  4. Hi There! I'm a military spouse as well :)
    My husband is in the US Army, and returned from his first deployment right before this past Christmas.
    Nice to find you!

  5. Sarah!! Its nice to meet you!! Thanks for checking out my blog!!!!

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