April 7, 2012

Oh Baby!!!...



Yep! That's right! Our family of 2 is now becoming a family of 3! We are so filled with joy and excitement. This baby definitely caught us by surprise, and we both nearly died when we found out, but God doesn't give us things we can't handle right? As of today we are 11 weeks along with a due date of October 31st 2012...Halloween!! Jacobs due back to the States in mid fall. We are praying that he makes it back safely and before this baby gets here! I still will graduate in May 2013 with my bachelor's degree and hopefully we will wrap up our orders here in the South in late Spring. It's hard to believe we are getting ready to enter the world of parenthood together. I can't explain the emotions that have came over me in the past few weeks. I'm so excited to share this moment of life with Jacob. He will be such an incredible father. The fact that this little thing is 23 chromosomes of me and 23 chromosomes of him is crazy. We are beyond blessed and excited for the arrival of our little bean!


  1. Congratulations!! I absolutely agree with you about God not giving us anything we can't handle, which is such a comforting thought when life doesn't end up the way I expected.

  2. Soooo very excited for you! And considering how cute you both were as children I can only imagine how beautiful your baby will be! xo

  3. Awww congrats motherhood is such a beautiful thing:)...

  4. Oh my god! Emily! I swear I told my husband the other day you two where going to make super cute babies lol how funny. I'm so happy for you!