June 14, 2012

21 Weeks...

How far along? 21 weeks

Weight gain? Starting 112 Current 115
Maternity clothes? Not yet 
Stretch marks? No
Sleep? Good, except for getting up in the night to pee and no more laying on my belly :(
Best moment this week? Getting to see our little guy again! He's weighing 14 ounces and looks great! 
Miss anything? My husband... really wishing he was here to experience this whole pregnancy with me! Emails just can't do justice!  
Movement? Lots! Little man loves to sit on my bladder! 
Food cravings? Cheese!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Red meat! Yuck! 
Gender?  A BOY!! 
Labor signs? No
Symptoms:  Nausea is starting to finally ease up! 


  1. Em,
    I thank you again for bringing me another grandchild.
    You are a beautiful mommy and I love the little belly.
    I hope you continue to feel well.
    October won't get here soon enough.
    Love you Em.

  2. You are adorable in those high waisted bottoms! Congrats on your baby boy! Found your blog via The Wiegands.

  3. You look fantastic! I stumbled upon your blog from thewiegands.com :)

    I'm 35 weeks and having a little boy as well. Yay for little boys! Hopefully you don't turn into a heartburn acid breathing dragon like I have sadly become. Yikes. My husband was a Marine, too! We have some things in common, haha :)

    Sending you happy thoughts and good vibes for a healthy pregnancy!