June 15, 2012



September 9, 1999 - June 15, 2012

Today was the day my parents had to say goodbye to their almost 13 year old English Springer Spaniel Frannie. Frannie was what you could call mine and my sisters childhood pooch. We brought her home when she was a tiny little puppy. She was such a special girl and even happen to share a birthday with my mom. We knew that her days were getting shorter and that her time to make her way to heaven was approaching. She had such a great and fun filled life. This morning after my parents told me the sad news, I sat and thought about all the great memories I had of her... the time a snake bit her nose and it literally swelled to the size of her entire head, the unconditional and special love that she only shared with my Grandpa (she loved us too, but he was her favorite!), how she HATED crutches, fireworks, and thunderstorms, the times she would sneak into my parents room to sleep on my mom's bed while she wasn't home, the occasional Ranger rides she would take with my dad, and so many more. It's hard to think that the next time I come home a special someone will be missing. I'm so thankful that I spent the last month at my parents house and got to see her. Saying goodbye to her has definitely been hard for my family, but knowing that she's at peace makes it a little easier. Frannie girl, you may not be present around the house, but you will forever be in our hearts! We love and already miss you so much! We will see you again one day! 


  1. Pets are hard to lose but good memories r precious good to see u again. Sharon smith

  2. im going to miss her too!! she was such a sweetheart of a dog. glad u got to visit wth her one last time!! we have some great pics of her wth uncle darryl on the couch! they were quite the pair - lol!! RIP Frannie - u will be missed:(

  3. I will miss her coming out to greet me upon arrival at your folks house.
    Love you Em.