March 15, 2013

5 Month Favorites...

Wrapping up this months favorites items! Not to many this month, but expect more next month because we have started introducing solids! 
*I had a few emails about the items I use so just to let everyone know these are items I use on a daily basis, what I consider my must haves!* 
1. Baby Carrier ( The one listed is a Baby Bjorn)- Since Asher isn't sitting up yet to put in the shopping cart, and I use a convertible carseat in the car this is a must! Makes my errand running much easier!
2. Oball- Best $4 I have EVER spent. (also really good for fine motor skills)
3. Baby Sensory Books- Since Asher is starting to grab and touch things these little books are great. I will let him feel the different textures as we read.
4. Convertible Carseat (One pictured is a Britax Marathon)- I transfered Asher to a convertible carseat at 2 months. I found them to be easier and since I do quite a bit of baby wearing it didn't bother me not having to carry around that big ole carseat when we went places. 
5. Earth's Best Rice Cereal- We started introducing some rice cereal into Asher's diet... Hands down Earth's Best is my favorite, no harsh chemical/preservatives and Asher seems to really like it! 
Hope you all find these 5 month favorites useful! What are some of your favorite baby items? Any seasoned moms have any suggestions for 5+ months? I love hearing from you all! 

Happy St. Patty's Day Weekend! 


  1. No kids here, but that oball is awesome! I volunteer at a gym daycare, and have a lot of friends with kids, and I totally agree, that ball is just amazing! New follower here through the Bloglovin' blog hop :)

  2. These are great (as usual). I've been debating on the carrier but I think I'll get the evenflo one. I will look for the oball as well! thanks! Your virtual Texan pals -Brandii and Austin :)

  3. The touchy feely books have been a big winner here too, from an early age - and even at 19 months my son still LOVES them! Following back from the GFC Collective :)

  4. Loved our Britax convertible with my first daughter, she rear faced in it until 2.5! Also a HUGE earths best fan.