April 21, 2013

6 Month Favorites...

Quite a few favorites this past month... We started solids and little man loves them! Here are our favorite must have items from this past month.
  1. Baby Food Pouches- Ella's Kitchen, Earth's Best, Happy Family, and Plum Organics are my favorites. These pouches are great to take along and easy to clean up. These are what I pack when Asher goes to the daycare/sitter. 
  2. Munchkin Baby Bowls-  These are the best. ever. and only like $3 at Target.
  3. Freshly Picked Baby Moccs- By far my favorites pair of shoes Asher owns. They stay on his little feet so well and are super stylish! Asher loves to chew on them too! We have the suede blue ones and love them! I HIGHLY recommend these!
  4. Baby Bullet- I snatched one of these off of a local yardsale website for hardly nothing and love it. The cookbook, storage containers, and switchable blades make it super easy for me to whip up a batch a baby food in no time. 
  5. Nuk Learner Sippy Cup- Let me just say after trying 4 different kinds of sippy cups this one is by FAR my favorite. Asher had no problem using it as well! 
  6. Fisher Price Laugh Learn Love to Play Puppy- Excellent toy and has lots of features! Asher loves to chew on his ears haha! 
  7. Baby Bibs- A must! 
  8. Highchair- We love the Fisher Price Space Saver Highchair. It's perfect for our little house and it reclines in 3 different positions which is nice! It's very easy to clean as well!

What are some of your baby must have items? I've been looking for some good interactive toys for a 6 month old.. Any recommendations? I love hearing from you all!


  1. My little man LOVES his Fisher Price puppy!

  2. Great recommendations! The mocs are so cute! I REALLY want one of those bullets!!

  3. stumbled onto your blog via the blog hop at:

    i LOVE the baby food pouches. i do not have a kid but they are GREAT from when i am traveling and want some fruit! (not to mention they last longer than fruit!)


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  5. Just curious how you made this cute month favourites. Did you use a program and if so which one? Thanks :)