May 16, 2013

7 Month Favorites....

Time for another wrap up of my monthly favorite items! Not to many new ones this month... Just this week I started to pack away baby items that Asher has already outgrown. Here are this months favorite must have items. 
  1. Books- We love love love to read! And "Goodnight Moon" is a bedtime favorite in our household.
  2. The Children's Place PJ's- I may have mentioned these before, but these are BY FAR my favorite pj's for little boo. And you can usually get them on sale as well. 
  3. Quilt- This is a necessity! We like to walk to the park when the weather is nice and it's always handy to have a quilt packed. Asher received quite a few beautiful quilts before he was born from friends and family. We love each and every one of them!
  4. Happy Family Happy Puffs- I've started to give Asher a few of these here and there per the doctors "okay" of them and he loves them. Jacob and I get a kick out of watching him pick them up with his little hands and find his mouth. These dissolve quickly so they are safe and easy for baby to eat. 
  5. Table Toppers- These are great to take along when we go out to eat. They are an easy clean up for Asher and I can set puffs on the table without being freaked out by germs...
  6. Vtech Move and Crawl Ball- Excellent toy! It rolls around and makes cute little nosies that Asher loves. 

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  1. Love that we have basically the same favorites from when my first was a baby, and it's helping to remind me of what we will need for the new baby! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I've never seen disposable table toppers before! I'll have to run out and grab some! Thanks for's fun to see what another mom uses and likes.