May 26, 2013

Traveling with Baby..

We are making our big move across the U.S. in exactly 22 days! Coast to coast! Crazy to think that the time is almost here. I have done a plentiful amount of "baby travel" research and this is some of the items I will be taking along with us. I will do a follow up post to this one because Im sure that after traveling with a baby in a car for a week, there will be something I wish I would have taken along. 
  1. Snacks- I've been stocking up on these when they are on sale at Target... These will be a lifesaver for our trip. 
  2. Disposable Placemats- these are in a handy take-a-long box and diposable... perfect for stoping at restaurants to get a bite to eat. 
  3. Disposable Sippy Cups- I figured this would be easier than trying to wash/dry non disposable sippy cups on the road. 
  4. Ipad Car Headrest Holder- I have already loaded my Ipad up with baby flashcard apps, fisher price apps, and lots of music for Asher to listen to. This holder attaches to your cars headrest and holds your Ipad in place. 
  5. Light Umbrella Stroller- The one I have is pictured Quinny Yezz, this stroller comes in a great variety of colors, is compact, and very lightweight, however any small umbrella stroller will do the trick!
  6. Spill Proof Snack Cup- Easy for baby to use and mess free!
  7. Baby Food Pouches- These are hands down one of my favorite baby items of all time! Since Asher can suck these like a straw, I don't have to worry about packing bowls, spoons, ect. No washing as well, when he's done I can just throw the packet away.
  8. Toys/Books
  9. Baby Travel Lotion/Shampoo/Ect- Much easier to pack and take along rather than packing full sized ones. California Baby makes a great little take along set. 
  10. Bibsters Disposable Bibs- a must... especially when traveling. 
If any of you have any tips/advice for traveling with an infant I would love to hear it! We will be going to North Carolina this coming weekend so Im gonna give these products a trial run! 
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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