June 26, 2013

8 Month Favorites...

Here are this months favorite must have items! These items are used on a daily basis in our household! I can't keep those Mum Mum crackers stocked! Asher is in love with them! 
  1. BlaBla Doll- I purchased our BlaBla doll off Brick Yard Buffalo when they were on sale because I couldn't resist how cute they were. We take "Socks the Fox" everywhere with us and he is very washing machine friendly!
  2. Mum Mums- Hands down a favorite snack. Asher loves feeding himself these days and these rice rusks are a perfect starter food. They dissolve quickly in their little mouths making them safe to eat. This are ALWAYS on my grocery list!
  3. Playtex Little Gripper Straw Sippy Cup- Perfect for teaching your little one how to drink from straw. 
  4. Pacifier Clips- A must unless you want to keep buying pacifiers.
  5. Dr. Seuss Board Books- Asher loves to read books and these Dr. Seuss board books are much easier to read to him than the original ones (no torn pages). Dr. Seuss is becoming a favorite in our household! 
  6. California Baby Sunblock Stick- California Baby sunscreen is by far my favorite sunscreen. This little stick is super handy and so easy to apply to an active babies face... I even had to purchase a stick for my husband to keep in his backpack because he liked it so well! So not only is it mama/baby approved, but Marine approved as well ;). 

I hope you all enjoyed this months favorites! What are some of your favorite baby products? I love hearing from you all! 

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  1. I bought the California baby newborn starter kit for the baby and am anxious to try their products! I used Babyganics with my first but wanted to try something different this time! Glad the sunscreen is highly recommended!