August 7, 2013

9 Month Favorites...

1. Baseball Cap- With Asher's fair skin and the overly sunny days here in SoCal, I always keep a hat on the little guy. Right now we are loving baseball caps, especially this St. Louis one! GO CARDS!
2. Honest Company Sunscreen- not greasy, very light but gets the job done!
3. Baby Outdoor Swing- If you follow me on Instagram @everythingemilyblog you probably know that we are huge fans of our outdoor baby swing. I snatched ours up at a yardsale for $7! Asher could swing for hours if I would let him!
5. Fisher Price Poppity Pop Musical Dino- A few other moms suggested this toy to me and it is a favorite in our household. 
6. Bath Toys- A must for bath time these days! 

What are some of your favorite items for a 9 month old?


  1. Good selection! I'm trying to love the honest sunscreen but its sooo thick! I need to look into the gum cleanser and the musical dino.


  2. Ordering that Honest sunscreen for my oldest!