September 27, 2013

DIY Washi Tape Coat Tree...

I've been in need of a coat/hat rack for Asher's room for some time now and just couldn't find what I was looking for... I wanted something small space friendly because we are strapped for space in our little base housing house... I've seen some super awesome stuff done with washi tape, which led to to this little coat tree. So easy to make and a unique piece in Asher's room. 

What you will need:

Washi Tape - I chose this woodgrain tape for mine. You can find it (HERE) 
Clear Command Hooks


1. Start off with taping the base of your tree... (no need for scissors, washi tape is very easy to tear off) 
2. Next start to form your branches.. I just eyeballed mine...
3. Tape smaller branches off your branches.. (if that makes sense)
4. Lastly run your finger over the tape to seal it... This will prevent the tape from coming off. And place your hooks where you would like them... 

You can hang anything you would like on the hooks... I chose a jacket and a few hats, but I might hang his bath towel on there. 

Overall this coat tree was super easy to make, affordable, and takes up less space than a real one... What do you think? What projects have you done with washi tape? 

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