November 6, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight... A Summer Afternoon...

If you are looking for excellent handcrafted toys for your little A Summer Afternoon is the shop for you... They hand make high quality wooden toys that are perfect for the littles. They recently sent me this beautifully handcrafted flatbed truck that Asher loves... The wood is baby soft and truck glides smoothly over surfaces. Asher is obsessed with anything he can push and absolutely loves this toy! And I love that the truck is made from safe materials such as organic maple and walnut.... The toy is so precious and a favorite of ours! They have an array of organic wooden toys to choose from and with the holidays right around the corner, they would make a perfect gift. I HIGHLY recommend these toys for your littles! So so pleased with this toy! 

You can visit A Summer Afternoon's Shop  >HERE<
On Facebook  >HERE<
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and Instagram  >HERE<

Have you checked out A Summer Afternoon yet? If so what toys of theirs are you loving!?! 

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