January 29, 2014

DIY Washi Tape Wall Decals...

I'm almost finished with Asher's space in our new house and I'm loving how it is coming together. We had a focal wall in his previous room and I really missed having something of that sort... After doing a little Pinterest browsing, I decided that wall decals would be totally awesome and really make the room "pop". I shopped around at a few different retailers for decals and just with the size of the wall it was going to cost me a pretty penny. If this was our forever home I wouldn't mind spending money on them, but since we currently live in base housing and this house is temporary, I just couldn't justify spending a ton of money. 
I racked my brain of what I could use for decals and was going to just stamp the wall, but remembered how big of a pain in the ass painting a rental was... Those of you who know me well know my obsession with washi tape (you can see my washi tape coat tree here) so I decided to use black washi tape on the wall. I ended up needing 2 rolls which cost me less than $10! You can beat that! And the washi tape stays on well and peels off well. 

So heres the how to...

You will need a tape measure, washi tape (I used 2 32ft rolls), a pencil, scissors, and a hair dryer (optional).

First prep your wall. I cleaned my wall with a damp cloth just to remove any dust or dirt. The wall I placed my decals on is 90" x 120" so I decided to place the decals 5" apart. I made tiny lines with a pencil at the top and sides of the of the wall so I could somewhat make the decals straight... (Note: I just eye balled my decals, if you are looking for a super clean and straight line look you may want to use a laser level). For the decals I cut 2" strips and made my crosses... So each line in the (+) is 2". (I hope that makes sense).. I used a credit card to smooth them down and once I was finished, I sealed the decals with my hair dryer... The heat helps the sticky part stick better to the wall... You dont have to do this part, but I recommend it! And that's it! Super super easy and affordable! 

I'm so pleased with how the wall turned out and this is probably one of my favorite diy projects that I have ever done. $10 for an awesome focal wall is pretty hard to beat. I may washi tape my whole damn house! ;) 

The wall before the transformation! 
Cardboard bull: eBay, Teepee: BE little you and me, Seek Adventure Print: MOD by Mel, Deer Pillow: H&M, Rocker: Amazon.

I hope you all enjoyed this easy diy post! I'll be sharing some Valentine's day fun next week! Follow me on Instagram to see more pictures of my little monster!

Update - We currently just moved from the home where these lovely diy decals were and the removal process was EXTREMELY easy! The decals peeled right off without damaging the walls! I will say they left a little dark coloring around the area where they were but I cleaned it off with a damp cloth and it came right off! 

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