March 14, 2014

Lollaland Mealtime Set Review and Toddler Seared Chicken with Guacamole Dip...

A few weeks ago Lollaland sent me their adorable little mealtime set and let me tell just tell you how impressed I am with this little set! I've always been a fan of the Lollacup (we own two) and this little mealtime set is every bit as good as the cup.  

The mealtime set comes with a plate, bowl, and dipping cup. The quality of this set is superb. It's made from a thick plastic material that is FDA approved and free of BPA and phthalates. It also is dishwasher safe and washes very well in the dishwasher. I've purchased many plates/bowls that claim to be "dishwasher safe", yet fail to hold up in the dishwasher. We have already washed this set many times and it still looks brand new! 
Not only is this set functional, but educational as well. The colors are bright and each piece of the set is a shape (square, circle, and triangle). When Asher is eating we go over our shapes and colors... This makes for a fun little learning session. The set is recommended for use at nine months and up... We will be getting lots of use of out this set.. I would say until Asher is 4 years old or so. My favorite piece of the set is the dipping cup.. Seriously such a genius idea! Asher enjoys having ketchup with his turkey dogs and I can't tell you how many time I wish I would have had some little dish to put the ketchup in. 

The packing of this little set is great as well. It comes displayed in a cute little box that has a handy little handle and is easy to open. Lollaland always impresses me with their packaging and products.

Overall I would highly recommend this little set to anyone. It is priced great for such a high quality set, has perfect proportion sizes for little ones, and most of all makes mealtime fun! The set also comes in a "spring" color set as well (pink, yellow, orange)... And Lollaland is crafted here is the US which is totally awesome! 

You can purchase your Lollaland Mealtime Set >HERE<

Toddler Roasted Chicken Fingers with Avocado Dip

1 Organic Chicken Breast (cut into strips)
Olive Oil
1 Avocado
1/2 of a lime
pinch of salt and black pepper
1/4c. Parmesan Cheese


Drizzling olive oil in pan and sear chicken until juices run clear. While the chicken is cooking halve avocados and mash them with the juice of 1/2 a lime in a bowl. Add salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese and mix well. Once the chicken is done remove it from the pan and let cool. Serve chicken with the avocado dip.

"Wanna bite" 
Asher finished dinner with a few Annie's Bunny Grahams for desert! 

Be sure to pick up your Lollaland Mealtime Set for you little one and also be sure to check out Lollaland on:

Happy Friday everyone!

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