April 1, 2014

DIY // Miffy Inspired Easter Treat Bags...

Easter is one of my favorite holidays and now that Asher attends daycare a few days a week I love making little goodies for the holiday daycare parties that he can take and share with his friends. Last week on Instagram I shared a little sneak peek of this post in hopes that it would work out the way I planned, and what do ya know! It did! So today I'm sharing this little do it yourself project with you! This project is a little tougher than some of the previous diy posts I have shared, but it's super fun! 

What You Will Need:
White Fabric
Black Sharpie
Black Thread
Miffy/Bunny Print-out (I used this one, HERE)
Candy of your choice
Sewing Machine (or you can hand sew these) 
After cutting "Miffy" out, place her on your fabric.. I doubled my fabric so I didn't have to cut twice. Pin well to fabric and carefully cut around... You should have two bunny shapes when done. 
Next you will want to draw the face onto your cutout with your sharpie. I just eyeballed mine and they turned out just fine!
Sew around Miffy's head to create an outline, about 1/4 of an inch in. This will not only define Miffy's shape but also create the casing for your treat bag. 
Be sure to not sew all the way around and leave enough room in between the ears to insert your candy. 
Carefully cut in between the ears. This will make it easier to insert candy and Miffy's ears will lay nicely when you tie the top of them with the yarn. 
Insert your candy. I chose M&M's because what kid doesn't love M&M's!?!
Using your yarn, tie the top of the bag. This will prevent the candy from coming out. 
Lastly I added some cute little "Happy Easter" tags to finish off the bags. This isn't a necessity, but does make them super cute! 
This project is fun for anyone and you don't need to be an experienced seamstrist to make these... You kiddos will love sharing these fun little Easter treat bags with their pals!

I hope you all enjoyed this little Easter DIY. If you make any of these I would love to see them! 

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