April 6, 2014

Easter Basket Ideas...

The holiday's have become so fun now that we have a little one running around. I'm looking forward to the Easter Bunny coming to our house this year. Here are a few things you will find in Asher's Easter basket this year. 

1. Plan School Bus - Asher is obsessed with cars and has a million hot wheels laying around so I thought these little wooden cars from Plan would be fun for his basket this year. 

2. Easter Eggs - Target is hands down the best place to buy Easter eggs (or anything). These cute little pastel eggs come in a fun little egg carrier. I can't wait to hide them around the house. 

3. Freshly Picked Moccs in Glacier - These moccs are a perfect piece for an Easter basket and have you seen Freshly Picked's new spring colors? AMAZING! 

4. Play Doh - Asher loves playing with Play Doh at daycare and we have yet to invest in any for the house so I thought now would be the time! Have you seen the new Play Doh Plus? It's easier to mold and doesn't crumble like traditional Play Doh. 

5. Pantone Colors Board Book - Asher is starting to really catch on to his colors and this book from Pantone is perfect for color learning! 

6. Annie's Fruit Snacks - I'm not going to lie, there will be some candy in Asher's Easter basket, but I am trying to stick to healthy options like these bunny fruit snacks from Annie's.

7. Snap Bibs - I just ordered one of these for Asher and I'm so excited for it to arrive... I have a love/hate relationship with bibs and these bibs are made from a thick heavy vinyl making them easy to clean! I'm so excited to try these out! 

What do you have planned for Easter this year? 

Happy Monday! 

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