April 21, 2014

Play Space Tour...

The biggest issue we have with our current rental is space... Since we do live on a military base, in the middle of nowhere, we limited to our housing options. When we first moved into the house we live in now, we were stumped as to where we would put most of our belongings.. Asher's toys being the biggest issue.. And let's be honest, the collection them them keeps getting larger and larger. We didn't have a spare room to covert into a play room so we decided to make due with a small corner we had in our living room.
I had originally wanted to put Asher's play teepee in the area, but since we were super limited on space, we decided that keeping it in his room would be our best option. For toy storage, I ended up going with the Trofast storage system from Ikea. It's is seriously an amazing storage system and comes in an array of sizes. The bins are also interchangeable and the system can grow with Asher throughout the years... Not to mention the unit is clean, sleek, and tucks the toys away quite nicely. We also placed a small table and chairs set from Ikea in the space to give Asher a place to color and read. I decorated the rest of the space with toys, colorful bins, a funky hanging lamp, and an oil pan that I turned into a magnetic board. 
Here's a list of where you can find everything in the space:
(click on the links below) 
Toy Bin - Ikea
Hanging Lamp - Ikea
Wooden BBQ Grill - Hape
Table and Chairs - Ikea 
Black and White book bin - Target
Play Time Print - Mod by Mel 
Green Book bin - The Dollar Tree
Puzzle - Hape
Wooden Truck - A Summer Afternoon
Small Cars - Plan Toys
Magnetic Board - It is a car oil pan.. You can find them at Autozone for under $10.
Foam Shapes - DIY (I will post the how to soon!)  

This storage system is so amazing! The bins come in additional colors other than white as well. 
Books and toys are a fabulous accessories to decorate with. Functional too! 
Missing puzzle pieces.. I wonder where they went?!?

Overall I think the space works really well for us. I definitely have a playroom on our forever home wish list. I think the next thing I may add to the space will be a rug.. I've been looking at play car mats and I think that would be something Asher would love! 
So what do you think?!? Have you created a play space for your little one? 

Happy Tuesday!!

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