April 13, 2014

Zoe Organics....

As a Mama, I've become extremely careful as to what products I use with Asher... Whether it's food products, body products, gear, ect, I'm always checking the ingredients, looking at the safety ratings, and reading reviews. Recently we've made the change to use more organic items in our household. We have always used a fair share of organic products, but there were still a few things we had yet to make the change to... One of them being bath/body products for Asher. Most of the balms/ointments we used for Asher were organic, but we were still using basic store bought stuff such as aveeno, baby magic, johnson and johnson, ect for body wash and shampoo. 
If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I am now a brand enthusiast for an amazing little company called Zoe Organics. I've used Zoe Organics products in the past and have been super pleased with them! You might have heard me chatting about their amazing nipple balm... Anywho I applied to be a brand enthusiast with them and was so thrilled when they chose Asher and I! We received our first package a few weeks and I am so blown away! We have now made the switch to use all organic products thanks to Zoe Organics. Words cannot even explain how happy I am with these products and how well they work for our family. 

Here is a little breakdown and review of the products we received in our first package:

Diaper Balm: Probably my favorite diaper balm ever! Smells amazing and cleans up a yucky diaper rash in no time. I put this on Asher whenever he has a rash and every night before bed, during his last changing, and by morning his little bum looks great!

Belly Oil: This belly oil is recommended for use during pregnancy and after. Even though I'm almost 18 months postpartum now, I can still see results with this oil. I apply it every night after my evening shower and have noticed a big difference. I had some lose skin around my belly button area and it is tightening up thanks to this oil. It's light, smelly heavenly, and leaves my skin feeling fabulous. 

Bath Wash: Before using this bath wash I was using Aveeno. Asher's skin always seemed dry to me and I just thought it was from the dry air out here in the desert. After using this wash a few nights, his skin immediately cleared up and is now smooth and silky. A little goes a long way with this wash as well, one pump can wash Asher's entire body, including that curly head of hair ;). 

Cream: This cream is seriously like whipped butter. It is smooth, thick, and so creamy! I use this cream every night on Asher and by morning his skin is so smooth and soft! I use it on myself as well and my legs stay smooth for days!

Breathe Balm (not pictured): This stuff is like magic in a tube! Asher has been super congested here lately thanks to the molars he's cutting and this balm has been our lifesaver during the night. I rub a little on his chest, neck, and the bottoms of his feet and he sleeps so peacefully with NO coughing! I've used it for myself as well and it is amazing! Once you use this balm you will NEVER EVER want to use Vicks ever again! 

I highly recommend that you all make the switch to Zoe Organics. I'm so blow away by their products and am so excited for this new adventure as a brand enthusiast for them! I will continue to share my thoughts/reviews of their items with you all! Stay tuned!

Happy Monday!


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