August 11, 2014


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Ever since I became a Mama I've totally turned into a major germaphobe. I'm always stressing about what Asher touches, puts in his mouth, puts in his nose... You know all the messy little things toddler boys do. I know that getting dirty is the norm for his age, but I must say I do love a clean, germ free babe. Over the weekend, I sat my germaphobe worries aside and decided to take Asher to the Morongo Preserve Basin for a fun filled day of hiking. The child loves to be outdoors and the weather has been a little cooler lately so it was a perfect day to go!

Once we arrived at the preserve I let Asher explore for a bit and then we sat down in the picnic area for a nice picnic lunch. Of course by this time he had already decided to get his hands dirty and luckily I packed a canister of Wet-Naps in the diaper bag which made for a quick clean up! What I love about these wipes are that they are super soft, yet durable enough to clean the mess. I always have to be cautious of what I use on Asher's delicate little skin and Wet-Nap wipes moisturize with aloe so they are mild and safe... And I love that I can pick them up at my local Walmart. One of the downfalls to us living in a super small town is that I am very limited to shopping resources here. Luckily Walmart stocks Wet-Nap products and is only a short drive from us and because of their everyday low prices, these wipes are a great deal!

After lunch I surprised Asher with a cookie. The child loves cookies (who doesn't?!) and as you can tell Wet-Nap wipes came to my rescue once again! Asher is becoming quite independent these days so I've now started letting him wipe his hands and mouth after a snack... I must say he does a pretty good job, but this cookie was a melty chocolatey mess! 
Once he was cleaned up I tossed the Wet-Nap canister into the diaper bag and we sat out on our hike. The other nice thing about the wipes are that they don't take up a ton of space in the diaper bag! Total plus when I've gotta pack 2 camelbacks, my camera, and all my other junk! 
The Preserve was beautiful and so green! It's so crazy to see greenery in the desert... I'm so used to the sightings of sand and tumble weeds that I get a little giddy when I seen greenery and grass. There were a number of trails to do and we settled for just doing one quick trail. We seen a ton of lizards, birds, and spiders! Asher kept looking for a "lion", it was pretty cute!

After we finished the hike I cleaned Asher up and we headed back home. He had such a great time and thanks to Wet-Nap wipes, I was able to enjoy myself without worrying about dirt, germs, and whatever else Asher managed to get into. I also didn't have to worry about giving him a bath right away when we got home. I'm a huge fan of Wet-Nap wipes and always have a canister on hand! You can buy Wet-Nap wipes at any local Walmart. The product may be located in various areas of the store, but I was able to find mine in the napkin/paper goods aisle. Also be sure to print this Wet-Nap coupon HERE to save .55 cents off a Wet-Nap product! 

Happy Monday! 



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