August 29, 2014


I've struggled with my face and hair significantly since I had Asher... and with being a female that hasn't been a good thing. My face seems to never have a happy medium. It's either super dry and irritated or oily and broke out. I feel like I've tried just about everything there is out there, including at home remedies and expensive products from beauty retailers, and nothing seems to help! As for my hair I seem to have the same issue.. The ends are dry, even with getting regular trims, and I can barely go a day and a half without needing to wash it again. 

I happen to come across ONE LOVE ORGANICS when another skin care company, Zoe Organics, which whom I love so very much, posted about them. I loved that they were organic and used natural ingredients in their products. I ended up trying their Active Moisture Vitamin B Cleansing Oil and Makeup Remover and their Dry Shampoo

The Cleansing Oil is pretty much a two in one. It's an all natural facial cleanser and makeup remover which is perfect for a busy mama like myself. It also came with this awesome little heart shaped soft sponge that exfoliates your skin without leaving it irritated. I was a little hesitant at first to use this cleaner basically because since it is an oil, I was worried it would leave me even more oily, but this cleanser is amazing. It's smooth and leaves my face feeling moisturized and soft... Seriously just what I needed! I start off by removing my makeup with it, then cleanse the rest of my face, then wash off and pat dry. Some nights I don't even feel like I need to apply a night moisturizer because this cleanser conditions my face so well. I now use this cleanser two times a day. It is hands down my new "go to"! 

As for the dry shampoo it delivered excellence as well. I used it about a day after a wash when I started to notice that my roots were getting oily. I applied just a small amount to the top of my head and combed through. The oily film almost instantly went away and my hair looked fresh! Like I had just had an amazing blow dry! The application process is easy as well. I just poured a small amount into my palm, placed it on my roots, and combed through. This dry shampoo is defiantly a must have. Like the cleanser, it is also made from all natural products so it's safe and light on your locks. In just the few weeks I have been using it, I've been able to go 2-3 days without having to wash my hair and my hair is less dry and definitely looks healthier! 

Overall Im so impressed with these products! I love everything about them and they are now a part of my everyday beauty routine. I'm so happy I've finally found a solution to my every changing face and hair. And I'm happy that I've made an all natural change with what I am using. One Love Organics carries an array of fabulous products so if you are looking for something specific I highly recommend checking them out! 
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A huge thank you to One Love Organics for creating products that are organic and deliver excellence! 

Happy Friday loves!


One Love Organics sent me these products for a full product review. Opinions as always are of my own. 

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