August 7, 2014


Happy World Breast Feeding week! I've been overwhelmed seeing all the amazing breastfeeding support floating around social media the past few days. It's truly been amazing and so inspiring. I'm so thankful to have had such a smooth and easy bfing journey with Asher. For something that started off in the beginning as a "more cost effective" option has turned into so much more for me. I never knew the benefits, the bonding, and the experience nursing would bring until I nursed Asher. We surpassed all obstacles and achieved all the nursing goals we had hoped for. I've learned so much about myself and society in this little 22 month journey. I've experienced the negativity that comes with prolonged nursing, but I must say the positivity has been incredible. SO many wonderful Mama's have gave me helpful tips, information, and feedback. As our nursing journey is coming to a bittersweet end, I must say that I am so thankful and blessed for this little life experience and cannot wait to someday nurse another baby.

Happy WBW Mamas! 



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