October 13, 2014


We've been doing a ton of traveling here lately and I couldn't have done it with my Birdling Bag... You guys this bag is evvverrryyyythinnnnnggg!! I'm usually a complete wreck when it comes to packing and am always an unorganized mess, but not anymore! Thanks to my Birdling Bag I'm now super organized and not forgetting a thing. These bags are made here in the US and are a must for any busy mama! Here's a little review on this awesome bag and why you must get yourself one! 

Functionality - This bag is very functional. From a weekend trip to a carry-on, this bag can be used for a number of things. I've been using this bag for our little weekend trips and it holds everything that we need... Leaving lots of space in my car as well.. A total plus!

Style - I adore the look of this bag. It's super stylish, totally functional, and comfortable to carry. This bag comes in a ton of colors, but I must say the sun bleached salmon is my favorite. And this bag is totally unisex... My husband didn't mind carrying at all while traveling! :) 

Size - This bag is the perfect size... It's big enough for both mine and Asher's clothes and has an insane amount of room. We went camping a few weeks ago and I was able to pack mine, Asher's, and my husbands clothes in it... 3 days worth of clothes as well! It's a big bag, but not bulky and easy to carry!

Compartments - Storage is not a problem with this bag. It has 7 compartments, 4 outside, 3 inside, making traveling easy and organized. The inside compartments are perfect for separating clothes from body products, diapers, shoes, etc, while the outside compartments are perfect for storing your wallet, cellphone, chargers, etc.

Material - The material of this bag is amazing. It's a super thick, durable water repellent duck canvas that is suitable for any form of traveling!

Laundry Bag - When you purchase a Birdling Bag you get an adorable little "Dirty Birdie" to store your dirty linens in while traveling.. I'm forever using trash bags or plastic bags when we travel and this little laundry bag is genius! And it's washable! I just threw mine in the wash after unpacking.

Cleaning - This bag is super easy to spot clean. I got a little dirt on it while traveling and a damp cloth did the trick to clean it. I'm always a big fan of things that are easy to clean and I wish all of our travel bags would clean this easily!

If you are looking for a super amazing weekender bag, Birdling is the way to go! I'm so pleased with ours and it's going to come in so handy with all of our upcoming traveling!!! Mama friends!!! You must get your self one of these!

You can purchase your birding bag HERE.

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