October 7, 2014


Today marks the 20 day count down for our time left here in the hi-desest. I must say it is bittersweet...  I'm sure most of you know already that my husband Jacob is getting out of the military and as ready as I am for our next chapter, I will miss the desert so much... There's just something about it that tugs my heart strings... The sunsets here are unlike anything I've ever seen and the desert sky at night is breathtaking. I think I was made for California.. I'm pretty sure I lived here in my past life. I will miss our Saturday morning farmer's market trips, the amazing views on my drive home from work, and the over abundance of sunshine this state brings. I feel like I've taken a lot of things here for granted and I've promised myself to really soak up these last few weeks. This is the second state Asher has lived in and I want to be able to tell him about all the amazing things we did when we were here. 
This weekend we are headed to our last little spot we wanted to stop before heading out and I can't wait. It's been on my personal to do list for sometime now and the weather is finally cool enough to go! If you've never been to the SoCal hi-desert, it's definitely a must see. I think everyone should visit it at least once in their life! 
So I'm sure you are wondering where we are headed to or what our next step is.... I will share whats going on and where we are headed to soon! I appreciate you all following me along on our little California adventure... 

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Happy Hump Day!


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