November 10, 2014


This years Veteran's Day is a little different from the past few because Jacob is officially a veteran.. He has always been a Veteran, but this Veteran's Day he is officially a completed decorated combat war vet... 8 years of enlistment in the United States Marine Corps, 1 deployment to Iraq, 2 deployments to Afghanistan, and 3 duty stations later... It seems like just yesterday that he broke the news to me that he was enlisting into the USMC.. The uneasy feelings I had over me at that time.. The US in the middle of invading Iraq so all I could think about was that... who knew 8 years later that it would have been one of the best decision he ever made. He has grown into such a responsible, caring individual and I'm so proud to call him my spouse. Military life hasn't been the easiest life, but what an amazing adventure it has been. We have learned so much about ourselves, grown together, and really seen a side of life that we would have never seen if he wouldn't of have enlisted. Im so thankful for the great places we were able to call home in the 8 years he served, all of the amazing friends we have made, and the overall experience it has been for us...

(photo credit - Kathleen Amelia Photography

A HUGE thank you to all the Veteran's out there... Thank you for the scarifies you make/made on a daily basis not only for my family, but for yours as well. Thank you for being the less than 1%... Thank you for everything you do!!!!! This country would be nothing without you! 

Happy Veterans Day! 


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