December 8, 2014


A few weeks ago, while shopping for a few Christmas decorations, I ran across a beautiful woven Christmas tree at Anthropologie. Of course it was totally out of my price range, but I couldn't stop thinking about it.. I knew there had to be a way to recreate one that was a little more of my taste and affordable.. Very affordable.. So with a little yarn and my weaving loom, I created a cute little piece that I am really loving! 

This project was a tad bit time consuming. I managed to finished mine in about two days.. That was in-between chasing a busy toddler, cleaning up messes, and doing other daily tasks. Cost wise, this projects was less than $5 to make! Awesome right?! I bought a $3.49 spool of yarn from Joanns and happened to have a 40% off coupon making it dirt cheap! I contemplated using other colors but with my minimalistic taste, I decided to just keep it one color. 


Plastic Needle 
Basic String (for your loom) 


For those of you who don't know how to weave this tutorial here is simply amazing and SO helpful! Weaving is pretty easy to do and I find it pretty therapeutic!

I started off by setting up my loom. My loom is a DIY one I made from an old picture frame and nails. You can follow this tutorial here to make your own.

After you are done setting up your loom began weaving a few rows to hold your tassels into place.

If you don't know how to make tassels I suggest following this tutorial here. Place your tassels where you want them on your tree. 

Continue weaving in a triangle all the way up until you have reached the height you would like your tree. Add tassels where you would like them and if you prefer no tassels, feel free to leave them off. Once you have completed your tree, tuck you loose threads in, cut, and tie the edges to keep it in place. 

Hang where you would like or this would even make a terrific gift! 

I hope you all enjoy this fun and easy DIY! And if you recreate this project please share! 

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