July 18, 2012

6 Month Must Haves...

Today I am 26 weeks prego (6.5 months!) and I finally have a full blown baby belly. People have started to ask me when I'm due or what I'm having instead of looking at me like they don't know if I ate a few too many cupcakes or if I really am prego. I can still button my jeans, but thats coming to an end real soon. Im trying to stay frugal during this whole process and make due with what I can still wear in my closet. Since I spend most days at the house with a few occasional errand runnings here and there, I try to dress as comfortable as possible. I also try and dress very cool, these 100+ degree temps here in the South make for a very uncomfortable pregnancy. 
Here are a my current 6 month must haves! 

1. Forever 21 Tank Tops -They come in about 15 different colors and at $2.80 these are a STEAL! They are plain, but I usually throw on a cute necklace or hat to spice my outfit up a bit. They also are super comfortable and cover my belly.

2. Mustela Stretch Mark Cream - I've been faithfully applying this cream since about month 4 and have had no sign of stretch marks yet. The reviews for this product were amazing and it doesn't smell like the average stretch mark cream. 

3. Nail Polish - A huge thank you to my trusty prenatal vitamins for making my nails look the best they ever have! I've never had good nails until now, so fingernail polish is a must! I also love all the fun colors Essie has this season. 

4. Memory Foam Pillow - A MUST! Here lately I've been tossing and turing at night and happen to browse by the pillow section at Target a few weeks ago and snatched up this memory foam pillow for $12.99! It's done me well and I even catch my dog, in the middle of the night, trying to maneuver his way onto it. Guess I will be buying him one next time I'm at Target. 

5. Smart Water - This is truly the only water that quenches my thirst. Pre-pregnancy I never was picky over water, I mean water it water right? That changed! Plus there larger bottles make it easier for me to keep track of my water intake throughout the day. 

6. Maxi Skirts - These are great to wear because they are cute and cool! Forever 21 has a great selection of them this season for about $13 each!

7. Oil Absorbing Sheets - I've heard about the "pregnancy glow" and mines more of an oily mess so I keep these Clinique Oil Absorbing Sheets in my purse. They are so handy and inexpensive. Clean and Clear also makes a great line of them as well! 

8. American Apparel Cycle Shorts - My fav!! These are comfortable to wear and come in an array of colors. 

Hope you all enjoyed the post! What are/were some of your pregnancy must haves? 


  1. I might need to check out those Clinique absorbing sheets!


  2. Target does have a body pillow that I recently purchased for $7.50 and you can also buy the cover for an additional $7.50 (total of $15) and even tho it is not a wrap around prenatal body pillow, I HUG it and OMG I sleep like a baby helps w the uncomfortableness :/